Tips For A Second Chance Relationship

Do you think second chance relationship is possible? The irony for most couples is that they only find value and worth in the relationship when it’s all gone. Breaking up doesn’t mean it’s really the final end of the relationship, but a time to breath and be back again for good. More so, second chance is no longer possible if and when you have really moved on to different paths after the separation.

We have heard a lot from people taking chances for love to grow again.But really, how can those chances be possible?Now, when you started the relationship once more, issues and problems will still be there to challenge you.Anytime in the relationship, conflicts, misunderstandings and relationship issues will arise but you know you learned from the past and it will help you solve this problem. More so, the desire for a second chance should be nothing but love, love without reasons, you just felt it. Second chance is a privilege for couples to be able to give love to each other, to self and to the relationship.

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Before you can finally say that you are ready for a second chance relationship with him again, it’s time to do some reflection and assessment.

  • Do you feel love?
    Before you decide such second chance, be sure of your feelings. If you want a second chance, love is the ultimate reason and not just loneliness. You must not make loneliness as a reason why you want another chance.You can divert loneliness on other activities. When you are caught between two feelings, you have to be honest with yourself.
  • Reasons for break up
    You also have to think about the relationship and why it ended.You have to take time to think what really went wrong in your relationship, but never blame anyone of the separation.

    It is necessary that you will have some reflection of your ways before, your capacity as a partner and as part of the relationship so that you will be aware and extra careful this time with the second chance relationship.

  • Get something helpful in the past.
    Anytime in the relationship, couples are challenged in the relationship because of problems. You broke up because of some reasons. Whatever the reasons are, deciding without thinking for a second chance romance is not good. Learn from the past experiences  in the relationship so that you will be able to apply it when second chance will happen.
  • Think of the bright side.
    This means that you should not think of all the bad sides, but you can also think what was good about your relationship.In this way, when second chance comes, you maintain attributes in the relationship that makes it work.
  • Be rational.
    This has something to do with being accepted by who you are, and accepting your partner in return. Learn also to know the needs of your partner in the relationship and if possible, fulfill it. Even if you have lots of differences, you need to work out those differences and be willing to meet halfway to understand each other.