Truth About How To Date Beautiful Women

datingAfter millions of years how many dating secrets do you believe are still secret?

The truth is there are no dating secrets left at all, but the good news is that there are a whole lot of forgotten truths that will change your life when it comes to dating.

So much of the male lineage and legacy has been forgotten. Why? Because feminism has swung the pendulum too far away from masculinity. No judgment here. The world needed it. The feminist movement was essential.

The down-side is that it has gotten to a point where most men think it is their destiny to become some woman’s “good little boy”.

It’s horrifying to realize that men have slid down the ladder to 2nd class citizens and mere puppets of society in the last 50 years. The good news is that the dating secrets you seek are the truths your great-grandfather knew and all the men in your family before him knew them. And now it is time for you to know them too.

But not the dating secrets that magazines, web sites, popular movies and the media want you to think are magic tricks. They are all bullshit. Mostly written by women or feminized men.

“No, it’s time for the real dating secrets or truths, based on thousands of years of evolution. Based on anthropology and biology. Most importantly, based on your heritage as a man – which is your birthright.”

So what dating secrets can your great-grandfather teach you about getting laid? After all, what can that fossil possibly know that the modern man doesn’t know? Seriously, he was a Gorilla by comparison. He was crude, rude, didn’t listen, didn’t care, spent most of his time working or with his men friends, was probably a quiet man, he thought a woman’s work was superfluous, he didn’t express his emotions and probably wasn’t even aware of them.

So how could he be successful at getting laid? EXACTLY.

Don’t you get it? He didn’t care what his woman wanted him to be. He expressed his emotions but only to men, not to his woman. He never pandered to what she wanted him to be. Instead, he was himself. He was a proud confident male.

Now having said that let me tell you why that worked so well. The real dating secret is that women have biological priorities. Their imperative was to survive and have their children survive. They weren’t looking for emotional men who expressed themselves, who were sensitive; they were looking for strong cocky men who would be good breeders, providers and protectors.

“The same is true of the modern women. She too has the same biological imperatives. The difference is that the modern women is so influenced by media and pop culture, that she is confused as to which characteristics in a man to look for.”

Lucky for you, it is only her conscious mind that is confused. Lucky for you, it is her subconscious mind that makes all her decisions for her when it comes to attraction.

“So while her pop culture conscious mind is seeking today’s whims, he body, her hormones and her subconscious is still looking for the same characteristics her great-grandmother was looking for; strength in a man for survival. Which shows up as cockiness and self -assuredness, not as sensitivity or emotionality.”

So if it’s dating secrets you want and need, look no further than you own male legacy and the truth about what really attracts women.